Mayon Volcano: The Danger of its Beauty

It has been for many years, silent and in a deep sleep, as they say, tourists as such and people all over the world took the time to travel, witness and admire its captivating beauty almost as if it is a painting done by an ancient artist from outer space.  mae2

But the volcano’s situation at present is far more lethal for the people who live near the danger zone. According to Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) on Friday said Mayon Volcano’s eruption will produce about 30 to 40 million cubic meters of volcanic materials.

Dr. Winchell Ian Sevilla, Phivolcs supervising science research specialist said that the current situation of Mayon Volcano is very critical because the crater is clogged up with molten rocks while fresh magma beneath the volcano is ascending which means too much pressure. This is the reason why the edifice is swelling overtime to accommodate the increasing magma.

There are also detection of possible earthquakes and rock fall event. Studies also show that there will be a big eruption of magma and gas build up before the Mayon actually explodes.

The fear and danger that the citizenry of Albay are experiencing is tremendous but despite this,  bravely came out, and actively participated to the preventive measures implemented of both local and national government in keeping their families  safe. evacues

As the time pass by and all they hear are predictions of when is the eruption of the volcano, nonetheless they still can sleep at night knowing that some kind hearted individuals are watching over them, and of course…they surely know that after the grey, angry clouds…the sun will surely come up.




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